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Lg WQD74RJ5P Water Purifier

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Key Features :
  • WQD74RJ5P
  • 6.9 Litres
    Warranty : 1 Year
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Description :

RO Water Filtration System: Ensures Total Purity of water you drink. Pre Filter: It is the first stage of filtration to enhance the life of water purifier; it removes large size sediments in the water. Sediment Filter: This removes unseen drugs and contaminant. Pre Carbon Filter: Remaining chlorine and volatile organic compounds are removed in the second step. RO Filter: Reverse Osmosis is process wherein water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane by applying strong pressure ,thereby allowing only fine mineral particles are allowed to pass through it. Membrane (RO) removes heavy metal, ionic substance, microorganism etc. general water supply flows through the hose in this stage. Post Carbon Filter: After complete filtration and treatment, smell left in the water is removed and the taste is improved.

Technical Specification
Brand LG
Model WQD74RJ5P
Capacity 6.9 Litres
Filters Hot and cold function
Weight 24 Kg.
Dimensions (WxHxD) 360x435x507.